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The E-Sainter

The E-Sainter aka Darren Broughton, was raised in Sydney and grew up with a passion for the Newtown Jets Rugby League Club who his dad supported as a boy growing up in the inner west suburb of Marrickville. Despite living in the southern suburbs where the local team is the Cronulla Sharks, father and son, maintained their enthusiasm for the Jets until 1983 when they were booted out of the competition. The official reason being the Jets were not financially capable of continuing in the competition.

During the years supporting Newtown, The E-Sainter had a keen interest in St Kilda. His father was again influential in his choice of team. He had fallen for the Saints because like Newtown they represented the under dog and their supporters are true to the cause. He also believes that life can not be enjoyed without experiencing disappointment. When Newtown was removed from the competition the E-Sainter’s interest in all sport softened until the late 80s when something triggered a revival. That something was the rediscovery of the Saints.
Some sixteen years have passed and The E-Sainter is hopelessly in love with the Saints. During those years he has been exposed to the great human qualities St Kilda supporters possess – loyalty, compassion, perseverance and courage. His motto “There is a light that never goes out” (the title of a Smiths song) represents the eternal hope St Kilda supporters have for their great club.
The E-Sainter dedicates some of his spare time to this web site because he never wants to experience the hurt endured when his boyhood team were kicked out of the competition – “It was like losing a close friend”. He dreams one day to operate a multi-media company that produces good stories.